December 15, 2010

Talk about bad travel. The snow that hit the Midwest this past weekend caused major delays and cancellations for flights on Sunday and Monday. So even though I was heading down toward Miami, I had to make it out of Madison and out of Detroit. Obviously, not happening. It’s always bad when your flight’s already delayed by the time you get to the airport. Even worse, when I’m trying to check my bag and the Delta agent tells me there’s a good chance I’ll miss my connection, so it might be better to hold onto the luggage.

Good call. After almost a 2 hour delay, me and my team end up in Detroit on the phone trying to find us 12 hotel rooms for the night – in addition to rescheduling rental cars, canceling hotel rooms and rebooking flights. So at least I had my luggage. Another 2 hours (hotels in the area were booked full), we’re on our way to the Howard Johnson (aka HoJo). And to our surprise, it’s a motel.

The sad truth is motels are not nice places. Cheap, $55 a night motels near the airport in Detroit – even worse. We check in – my room is out the door, in the long building on the left, around the backside. That means I’m walking outside, in the snow and ice, around this building, where there are few lights and I can’t the main building (so they obviously can’t see me either). Along this walk, I come upon two co-workers who should have a room a couple of doors down from me. See, they were getting to their room when a guy in a car pulls up, rolls down his window to start talking to them, and then starts getting out of his car. So they pretended they had the wrong room – because they don’t want this guy to know which room they (two young girls, by themselves) are staying in. Clearly, this makes me feel better about the place.

I get to my room, lock the door, close the shades – but really, I’m freaked out. It seems weird since I’m in hotels alone all the time now. But airport hotels in general are shady. This place was beyond sketchy. I kept hearing somebody walk by outside and knowing the door leads directly outside (not to a hallway) makes a big difference. Plus, as my co-workers figured out, it’s way easier to act sketchy and watch people from a parking lot than creep out in a normal hotel lobby. It was this terrible fear that someone could break into my room and no one would even notice.

Suffice to say, I didn’t sleep that much. I ended up calling the ex-boyfriend, figuring if I talked to someone for 10 minutes, I’d calm down and feel back to normal. A half hour later, still the same – so I attempt to stay up, end up drifting in and out of sleep for an hour (lights on of course). The ex-boyfriend calls me back and stays on the phone with me for another hour until it’s 3:30am and I need to leave in 2 hours. Feeling like that for a whole night was awful. And I have never been so happy to get to my normal Residence Inn the next day.


One comment

  1. 1. Drifting in and out of sleep while trying to fall asleep is awful.

    2. HoJo close to SF airport was very nice. Can’t believe this chain could vary so much from city to city.

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