January 2, 2011

New Year’s is my favorite holiday. It’s strange. There’s absolutely nothing about the holiday that should make it my favorite. In fact, if you really think hard about it, New Year’s is kind of a sham. It ends up being all manufactured ideas and no real substance. It’s got the happiness of a new beginning and the nostalgia of an end. It’s a time for change and reflection. It’s a time to throw extravagant parties that I will never go to. And a completely appropriate time to dress like a disco ball in sequins and glitter and wear awful glasses made of numbers (which made sense when there were two zeroes, and now just looks ridiculous). But really,what are we celebrating? We’re just celebrating another day.

At the same time, New Year’s is such a fantastic holiday. It represents something everyone around the world can celebrate. It doesn’t discriminate on religion or country or single-ness or anything. I guess it doesn’t really matter given how many people celebrate Christmas without really being Christian. It’s a nice thought though.

I think what I really love about New Year’s is that it embodies what I love about any important event. The event itself is always a bit of a disappointment. It’s the build-up, the preparations, the planning, the waiting, the spirit in the air – everything that leads up to the big day that makes it great. It happens with holidays; it happens with graduation; it happens with prom; it happens with vacation. With New Year’s, the event you’re waiting for is a countdown that lasts 30 seconds + several minutes of kissing and cheering. But the majority of the celebration is part of the waiting. It’s perfect!


One comment

  1. As far as manufactured holidays go, I think New Year’s is the most genuine. I mean, it’s human nature to celebrate the beginning and ends of things. To me the worst manufactured holidays is Thanksgiving. That’s just an excuse to meet up and eat food. It doesn’t even really make sense!

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