January 23, 2011

I traveled to Rochester, NY the last two weeks, which I had hoped to spend in the office. Travel significantly impacts my inspiration for posting, so here’s a cop-out recap post.

WatchedTron, Black Swan, The Good the Bad and the Weird, first season of The Wire – Daft Punk made Tron awesome. Black Swan was scarier/crazier than I had hoped. The Good, the Bad and the Weird was fantastic and I highly recommend. First season of the Wire – I now understand why everyone loves this show.

ReadThe Other Boleyn Girl, started Made to Stick and Good to Great. Not all that impressed with any of the three.

Acquired – Noise canceling headphones as a present from the boyfriend. New luggage since my old is broken. Two new dresses from my mom and a digital picture frame from my dad. New headbands because I can’t go shopping without buying.

In other news, the Packers are going to the Superbowl!!! Ice inside your care is a sign it’s too damn cold outside. The boyfriend is in Zurich for a week. And I really should’ve planned myself a weekend vacation in February, but now it’s too late.


One comment

  1. YES! I love it when people watch The Wire. Fantastic show. Such amazing characters. Hope you like Season 2

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