January 28, 2011

(aka stay at home mom) Well, I’m back to the depressing article reading. This one was especially good. It’s about how this woman, years ago, decided to be a stay at home mom. And now, year later, she’s divorced and financially struggling because it’s hard re-enter the workforce. In a nutshell, she’s advising women to choose not to stay at home because there’s significant change (given the divorce rate) that it could turn out terrible.

Anyway, I swear I’ve written about how eventually I do think I’ll be a stay at home mom (but for the life of me I can’t find that post anywhere). It’s not something I mention all that frequently because it seems less acceptable than if I was deciding to have some extravagant career. I guess that post is going to come next though. But this article – technically, the woman’s right. It cannot be easy to re-enter the working world after staying at home with your kids for years. And yet, it seems like too much planning for the worst. I don’t think anyone gets married and has kids while planning to get divorced or to be widowed (unless you’re a gold-digger). I’m guessing they don’t really plan on getting laid off either.

Then again, there are so many working mothers nowadays. And there are so many kids that turn out just fine even if they go to daycare. And there’s nothing bad about having a second income. Maybe it’s just that I grew up with a stay at home mom, so I can’t imagine doing it any other way. What about bake sales and all those school events that parents help with? What about any memory of your mom on field trips with your class? Trying to put a price on what you accomplished as a parent seems like a terrible idea. It’s your choice! If you can handle being a mom and maintaining a career – that’s fantastic. But I highly doubt most women are cut out to do that.


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