February 1, 2011

Apparently women in higher education aren’t doing so well psychologically. The reasons are because women often participate in more stressful recreational activities (debatable), or because they tend to take criticism more personally. You could also chalk it up to the pressure girls feel to do “as good as the boys”. I guess it’s no coincidence that these are similar reasons to why women can often struggle in the work world, especially right after school. Girls are different from boys.

But then this comment makes an interesting point about how single-sex colleges could use this to their advantage. Obviously the positive is that you can tailor the classroom environment to be better for only females or only males. That when you put them together, it’s always going to be somewhat of a compromise. The only problem is that you don’t stay in college forever. And unless these all-girl schools are going to teach girls specifically how to deal with criticism and competition and how to relax, then it’s just delaying the inevitable til after graduation.

By and large, the females I know do need significantly more positive reinforcement. I would also put more females into the “perfectionist” category than I would males. They’re also less confrontational. It makes me wonder if this behavior/thought process is something that’s truly ingrained in females, or if it’s something that’s taught to us when we’re young. I’m guessing it’s the latter, but that’s just my guess.


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