February 21, 2011

I go to the bank a lot – more than most people. My main reasons are 1) I deposit rent/utility checks from my housemates every month, 2) I like having cash in smaller bills than $20 and the bank tellers will always give me cash in specific denominations, and 3) the bank is in my grocery store and is open all the time. And because I go so often, I recognize several of the tellers.

One of them is this cute Asian girl. She used to be there every time I went to the bank. Not so much now, since I’ve usually been going on weekends. And because I would see her all the time, we chat more than seems normal for going to the bank. For example, I know that she’s married and her husband works at my company. She knows that my boyfriend lives in California, my family is in Milwaukee and that I work at her husband’s company. On some level, it’s super nice to actually be recognized as a specific person and not just a random customer. On the other hand, it feels a little awkward to have those kinds of conversations with the bank teller.


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