February 24, 2011

Just like I’m obsessed with personality tests, I absolutely love anything that will give me statistics about…well, anything. I even like stupid stats, like how many posts I’ve made and how many time my profile’s been viewed. But those don’t have a whole lot of meaning to me. I can’t do anything with them. So instead, I got a Fitbit, which is a cute little pedometer that will also track my sleep habits.

It’s the greatest thing ever to me. It tracks all my steps during a day and my sleep at night. Then I can upload the information online and tracks it in fancy graphs and stats (steps, distance, calories, etc). It allows me to log activity, food, weight, etc if I really wanted too. That’s too manual for me though. However, I do like the goal setting features. I can set a goal of 10,000 steps a day (which is about 5 miles) and it tells me how close I am to accomplishing that.

So it’s super easy to see how I’m doing and when I need to improve. In fact, it’s made me ridiculously conscious about how many steps I take each day. Going to one of my gym classes accounts for about 50-75% of my steps for a day. Days when I don’t go to the gym and have only a couple meetings – I take very very few steps. So I try to do little things (taking the stairs, parking a little farther away, etc) to try to get more steps in. It’s almost like a game now, which I guess ends up being good because it’ll make me healthier.


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