February 27, 2011

I made a trip to California last weekend. It was a surprise visit to see the boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I had to enlist help from his roommates to make sure 1) he didn’t have plans and 2) I could get a pick up from the airport. It all worked out really well (thanks to United for rebooking me on Delta!) and he was super surprised.

It was a good little vacation for me, despite not quite adjusting to the time difference. We went to Santa Cruz the first day. Perfect – it was warm weather and a couple hours on the beach make everything better. My favorite part was watching the sea lions that congregate on the pier. Mostly they were sleeping. But at one point, a boat got too close and they all jumped off in a scramble – quite amusing to me.

Then on Sunday, we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge. We went across the bridge to Sausalito (which was a super cute little town) and then on to Tiburon. It ended up being about 17 miles. I learned that biking in San Fransisco area is mostly a lot of uphill and downhill – neither of which is too fun in my opinion. It was also much closer to traffic than I prefer.

I got dim sum; I got Chinese food; I got sushi. Then I jumped onto a red-eye in order to make it back to work on Tuesday. Short vacations are the best.


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