March 20, 2011

I’ve had hardly a moment in the last month to just sit, let alone collect enough thoughts to blog. I’ve been in 5 states in the last three weeks – and that doesn’t even count layovers between flights. Needless to say, I’m a bit beat and the idea of almost a whole week in my own bed makes me incredibly happy.

At least my travel was all to interesting places – even if it was mostly all for work – San Diego (2 days), Alaska (2 days), Florida (3 days), Atlanta (3 days), New York City (3 days). Here are the highlights:

San Diego – sadly no major highlights; got to see an old co-worker and had some good Mexican. And I was not a fan of the airport.

Alaska – I have to go back in the summer. The view is amazing and pictures do it absolutely no justice.

Florida – work as always, but at least it’s warm and sunny

Atlanta – amazing brunches, aquarium, and lots of catching up with the old housemate and the ex-boyfriend

New York City – direct flight! – soup dumplings, steak and frites


One comment

  1. Summer in Alaska sounds awesome!

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