April 11, 2011

All girls look better in high heels. Exception being when the girl is so uncomfortable or her heels so high that she can only teeter around looking like she’ll fall over – then she just looks uncomfortable. But even then, if she stand still, she’ll still look good. My friend commented that she thinks guys don’t notice shoes enough that heels are worth it. I, however, firmly believe they notice the difference – they just don’t know it’s the shoes.

Now all that being said, it seems like maybe I should wear heels more often. Because I hardly ever do – even when I’m dressing up. This happens for several reasons. First, I usually plan to be on my feet for an extended amount of time. Dancing, walking significant distance, standing for hours – not fun activities if you’re in uncomfy shoes. Second, I don’t like being too tall. And since I’m average height, if no one else wears heels, then I”m too tall. Third, heels + snow + ice is just asking for trouble. Fourth, even if reasons 1-3 weren’t an issue, I just don’t go that many places where I need to dress to wear heels. It would look awkward, despite the fact that I would look awesome.

Anyway, I did have to go shoe shopping the other day though. For heels actually. But my high heel buying was somewhat thwarted when I learned that the shoes that will stay on my feet without straps are size 5.5. For anyone who doesn’t realize, that’s quite small. As in “most stores don’t carry many 5.5 shoes” small. On the positive side, this means I can buy almost all my shoes on sale. On the down side, well, there’s a lot of shoes I can’t buy. And so I have somewhat given up on my plan to wear more heels.


  1. I didn’t believe in the power of heels for a long time, mostly because I’m just not much of a legs man until one fateful day.

    A girl walked by in heels with the most gorgeous pair of legs I had ever seen and I was instantly converted into a believer in the power of heels.

    I will temper that a bit by saying that I notice no appreciable difference in most of the women I see wearing heels and I would also point out that the elaborate cuteness of your heels is really only for other women. I don’t care how nice your shoes look, I just care how they make you look, if that makes any sense.

    • I’d second that — women dress elaborate dresses mostly (take the 80/20 rule) for/to compete with, other women, and to make herself feel better. Men hardly notice any of that. ‘cuz most men have their own peculiar attentions in women, from hair to heel or anywhere in between.

      5.5 *is* very small. 🙂

      • Agreed. With most fashion in general – guys don’t care. But most fashion in general doesn’t look good across the board. I have a hard time ever thinking that wearing heels has made a girl look worse. Where almost any other piece of clothing (mini skirts, fancy tops, dresses, boots, skinny jeans, flat shoes, etc) – I have definitely seen it and thought “oh, they should wear something else”.

        It’s funny to me, the difference in what guys see vs. what girls see.

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