movie munchies III.

July 28, 2011

Been spending a lot of time watching movies. In thinking back over the movies I watch, I’ve become severely disappointed in my success ratio. The number of movies that I love is so small compared to the total. Is it because good movies are hard to find or am I being too picky or possibly I just have really terrible taste?

Stone – Edward Norton as a convicted arsonist, Robert DeNiro as his case manager. I was expecting so much more from this movie. But instead, the plot was slow, the events didn’t seem too connected. None of the characters were likeable. Overall, it was incredibly disappointing for me.

Between the Folds – A documentary on origami, only about an hour. Perfect – it shows some pretty amazing stuff and it doesn’t last too long.

The Adjustment Bureau – Matt Damon and Emily Blunt play two people who challenge destiny in order to be together. I liked it. The end could have played out a little bit better – it felt rushed. But I like the plot, I liked the characters. Definitely would recommend.

No Strings Attached – Oh my god, so terrible. I was expecting something cute and sappy and good enough to get a few laughs. It ended up with too many “wha?” moments, Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher don’t have very much chemistry, and the montage of them having lots of sex was just awful (and how can you mess that up?). I am hoping for something better in Friends with Benefits.

I also watch movies when I’m cooking. I usually look for something that won’t take too much paying attention to and something that no one else would ever want to watch with me. So those movies are: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, Killers, Bring It On Again, When in Rome. The only ones I would even imagine recommending are Killers and When in Rome – but even that’s a stretch. Though they were better than No Strings Attached.



  1. Everything I’ve read says Friends With Benefits is much better than No Strings Attached.

    I was interested in The Adjustment Bureau. I think I’ll catch it on Netflix.

    If you want an interesting visual movie, check out The Fall. If you magically managed not to catch it already, Zombieland is pretty awesome. It may not sound good, but if you missed The Social Network, definitely go check it out. Black Swan and True Grit were also tremendous movies from last year. Source Code just came out on DVD and is pretty great too.

    • Oh, I LOVED The Fall. It was beautiful – and most people haven’t seen it. I totally want to see Source Code (all those trailers I kept seeing) and True Grit. I will also look into Zombieland – I heard good things when it first came out and then no one ever mentioned it again.

      • Hmmm… I find myself dislike computer-generated Sci-Fi very much, such as Source Code, Thor, (granted, I haven’t seen neither but their trailers). I actually paid and went into Cornell cinema to see “Inception” but could not stand it — it was merely some software-controlled image processing on top of a plot about some dream — and I left after 20 minutes.

        On the other hand I loved “Wall-E”, all computer generated.

      • Paul! You still a reader! 😀

        Maybe you liked Wall-E because it was a cartoon and not in anyway trying to be set in “real life” so computer generated effects don’t seem as bad.

      • Source Code is much less computer generated than you think. It’s really more of a character piece, sans the CG-explosions here or there.

        It’s too bad that you hate CGI effects because that means you’re not gonna be able to watch a modern movie ever again. I mean, I just read today that they digitally inserted nipples onto Olivia Wilde in The Change Up (a non-sci-fi comedy). Inception also has a lot more practical effects than you’d think it would. Almost every action movie nowadays also uses CG blood instead of squibs.

        It’s inescapable…

      • Yes I read your blog on a very regular basis. I wish I could write as well as you do. 🙂

        Digitally inserted what onto Olivia Wilde?! I am totally going to see this movie after my thesis defense (finally!).

        But really, I only dislike a particular kind of CGI movie — some semi-human with super power and fighting some other semi-super human or huwoman wearing nothing but metallic bra and spewing fire from their eyes or mouths, turning over cars or buildings. I mean, “Superman” was good. But the novelty has worn off.

        On the other hand I loved the recent Sci-Fi comedy “Paul”, lots of CGI there too.

      • For reference RE: Olivia Wilde:


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