regular munchies.

July 30, 2011

And the cooking continues… Finally it’s coming in handy to follow a whole bunch of food sites on Google Reader. It all started when I came across Tastespotting and from there I just kept finding sites to give me pictures and recipes of food.

Kebabs – I made them with yellow squash, red onions, red pepper and beef. Salted and pepper and sprinkled with basil. At least for a first attempt, these came out pretty well. And, they looked amazing! But in the future, I’m going to do meat and veggies on separate skewers or I have to cut the veggies smaller. Otherwise, I was too afraid the meat would overcook. Also, I’d love to do these on a grill, but sadly, my apartment doesn’t let me do that.

Zucchini Carrot Muffins – I was trying to find a way to eat a bit healthier and use up some summer veggies, so I went searching for a zucchini bread recipe and stumbled upon these muffins instead. It’s great since zucchini and carrots are so cheap at the farmer’s markets. And muffin recipes are always really easy and simple to substitute or remove ingredients (ie no raisins, no nutmeg, more carrot). My other favorite muffin recipe is whole wheat pumpkin chocolate chip (just be sure to use a whole cup of pumpkin to keep them moist)

Scallion pancakes –  first attempt, the boyfriend and I made a whole stack. We used this recipe (no sesame oil) and these pictures for rolling them out. Turns out scallion pancakes are pretty easy. Ours weren’t super crispy, so we’ll have to try again.

Upcoming: basil chickpea dip, quiche, chicken pot pie, pancakes of some sort


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