movie munchies IV

August 17, 2011

You Again – Kristen Stewart, teased terribly in high school, faces her old high school tormentor, who just happens to be the future wife of Stewart’s brother. Perhaps it was because I was on a string of bad movies, but this one wasn’t terrible. Not really worth a recommendation, but if it happens to be on TV or something – it wasn’t that bad.

Sucker Punch – It was an interesting attempt. I think perhaps I had already seen too many unfavorable reviews pointing that I couldn’t really like this movie. Once you know going in that it’s characters are flat and it’s terribly misogynistic loosely wrapped in girl power – it’s hard to see past that. Too bad. It was visually pretty stunning though.

The Cove – About the dolphin killing in a specific town in Japan. I was impressed by this movie. I was expecting crazy animal rights activists pulling stunts that I don’t approve of. But instead, it was actually pretty informative without being over the top. And the stunt they pull is making the movie to inform people rather than some attempt to “save” the dolphins. You should see it.

Limitless – Surprise surprise, I bought the book this is based on just the other week at the library book sale without realizing it. It’s about a crazy drug that allows you to become super smart but then it seems it might kill you. Anyway, it was a fun movie; I liked it.

Sukiyaki Western Django – Japanese western, but I was not impressed. It has a Tarantino feel (surprise, he’s in the movie) and some cool visuals. However, I felt confused for a lot of the movie, I couldn’t tell if the good guy was a joke or not, and I really wish it had subtitles rather than bad English. It is on Netflix Instant, Amazon (if you have Amazon Prime) and it looks like IMDB too.

Also, I rewatched Rain Man – that is one fantastic movie. I also attempted to watch the new Red Riding Hood – and stopped; it was too terrible.



  1. That’s interesting because knowing that Sucker Punch was terrible ahead of time let me just focus on enjoying the action scenes and internally laughing at how terribly stupid the rest of it was.

    I do agree that it’s visually stunning, but I wonder what we’ll all think of it in a few years when tech continues to improve.

    Don’t you love when men make exploitative movies about women and then try to flip it by saying it’s empowering? What was Zack Snyder smoking if he thought that anything about Baby Doll’s portrayal was empowering?

  2. Kind of out of subject but I cannot wait to watch for “Like Crazy” which will most likely traumatize my lonely heart.


    • Oh, from the trailer, that looks like it will be a depressing movie.

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