September 21, 2011

Google’s released their new app Google Wallet to certain Sprint phones the other day. It seems to only work with Citi Mastercard currently or you need to use your credit card to load a pre-paid Google card.

My first thought was “Man, I HATE watching videos to explain how I would use something.” I just do not have the patience.

My second thought was “Isn’t this going to be incredibly awkward when the credit card machine/barcode scanner thing isn’t near the customer?” It’s kinda like mobile airplane tickets – which I do love. Except when it requires awkward maneuvering (aka 50% of the time). The set up at the gate is rarely convenient for me to place my own phone on the scanner. It’s set up for the gate agent to take my ticket, but she’ll never take my phone. I imagine the same awkwardness with something like Google Wallet – great for a supermarket set up, not great for a restaurant set up.

Beyond that, I don’t really have any thoughts on this yet. Even if I could pay from my phone, my wallet carries a whole lot more than just credit cards and loyalty cards. ID cards, gift cards, library card, business cards, health insurance cards, and (ever important now that I live in a bigger city) cash.


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