September 28, 2011

I had a dentist appointment today. It’s been too long since my last cleaning. And for some reason, I worry about having teeth problems that I don’t know about. Also, since I’m paying so much more for insurance, I figure I better get the most I can.

Speaking of which, navigating insurance is terrible. Especially since my insurance is still through Epic, but with a range of providers outside Wisconsin. So I had to do some searching to find providers that participated in my plan. Then make calls to make sure they can take my insurance. And trying to pick a doctor or dentist based off of nothing but a name and location is hard. I guess that’s where referrals come in handy.

This dentist was great. Just a quick walk from my apartment, it’s a small little office. This is a nice change. I grew up with a private practice dentist, where it was just the dentist who did everything and his receptionist. But on moving to Madison, I went to a larger dental clinic – where the hygienist cleaned my teeth and I only saw the dentist for a few minutes. So much less personal. This dentist talked me through my x-rays, explained what he was looking for. And when he found a cavity, he got out a little camera thing so that I could see what he was seeing. Side note: mouths are gross. Apparently my last dentist wasn’t so good. I’ll be going back in a couple of weeks to get some of the cavities fixed.

Fun fact: my dentist has the same last name as me!



  1. Mouths *are* gross. I don’t understand how my girlfriend can deal with them every day. The whole thing is pretty nasty.

  2. Through the years I’ve found my dentists tend to suggest my previous dentists hadn’t done a good job.

  3. nice post

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