October 1, 2011

I almost passed out on the bus. No idea why. Possibly because I didn’t eat enough. Or because I always stand with my legs locked. More likely because of too much sun or dehydration. Whatever the cause, it seemed like a pretty terrible situation.

  1. Falling down in public is never fun.
  2. Not a lot to cushion a fall on a bus.
  3. It would be dirty.
  4. It would probably cause some sort of delay. And no one likes delays.

But that’s only in the case of actual fainting. The worst part is there’s not a lot of options on a bus. Stay on and don’t pass out on the bus or get off and don’t pass out on the sidewalk. So 20 minutes of trying hard not to look awful but also trying not to actually passing out. Eventually, it seemed prudent to give up trying to look normal (mostly likely I was already super pale) and I put my head on my knees. Poor people sitting around me. Very surprised this actually really helped.



  1. Yeah, you definitely shouldn’t lock your legs. Every wedding I’ve ever been in I’ve been told that locking your legs is an almost guarantee you’ll pass out (if conditions are supporting it).

  2. Would be terrible to faint while alone, too.
    Did this happen after you had just given blood? 🙂

    • No, this was a different day. Giving blood actually went really well. And I made sure not to do anything too strenuous after donating.

  3. The other day I almost passed out in the subway, had to sit (on the ground!) and put my head on my knees… and THEN, a policeman had to revive me and give me water.
    Yah pretty shameful

    • I’m waiting for Ian to post that he almost passed out on the Metro to get a Gee trifecta going.

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