October 5, 2011

No one is going to believe it. But I started running. <pause for shock and amazement>

For those that are in the dark, I really don’t like running. I don’t run for fun or sports. I don’t even run to cross the street if the light is going to change. The last time I ran any amount of distance (aka, more than a block) was back in high school when they made us do those tests: stretching, pull-ups, running. I could 6 pull-ups (when the girls average is 0-1) but it took me 10 minutes to run a mile.

And yet, since I’m poor and gyms are too expensive, I’ve been suffering from fear of getting terribly out of shape. I’ve been trying at-home workouts and walking a lot, but it’s not quite the same productive feeling I got from going to kickboxing or Zumba back in Wisconsin. Plus, I live by a park. And the weather in San Francisco is perfect for exercising outdoors at almost any time of day. Running started to look like a better and better option.

Now, for almost two weeks, I’ve gone out every other day to run for 30 minutes. This comes out to about 2.5 miles for me. It meant my legs were awful sore for the whole first week. But I’m doing it. Slowly. And getting better. Funny thing – running is just not fun for me. It’s so incredibly boring, even with music. I’m hoping that maybe it’ll just get better if I keep doing it.



  1. Running never gets better. Nothing aerobic is fun. Swimming was a major slog in high school too, but I tell you what, I’d much rather swim than run any day.

    I’m with you, Kai. Unless I’m playing a sport, I don’t run. Running is for chumps…but I’m actually thinking of starting a running program too. Stupid getting old and needing to stay in shape…

    • I never minded swimming THAT much once I actually got in the water – although back and forth over and over can get pretty tedious. And I definitely had fun at my kickboxing and Zumba classes. Running just feels like it takes a toll on my body – like it might be good for heart but it’s probably murder on some of my joints. But good luck if you start running too!

      • Funny I’ve heard Capricorns need to pay extra attention to their joints. I can easily get pain in my knee if I am not careful when jogging.
        Sounds like you enjoy competitive sports. Have you tried tennis?

  2. 6 pull-ups!
    It’s true that running doesn’t get funner with time. But one does stay healthier than otherwise.

    • I know, I was a pull-up champ.

  3. […] graph can easily show that you’re gaining weight over the holidays. Or that short stint when I was running – I actually did lose […]

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