movie madness.

October 14, 2011


It’s been a while since my last movie post, so this is a pretty long one.

Source Code: I was expecting to like this movie more than I did since I am awesome at ignoring bad science and time travel loopholes. Ultimately, it was kinda boring. And repetitive (given that the main character continues to relive the same 8 minutes over and over). I was also annoyed that if the main character was just given more information from the beginning, probably would’ve saved about half the time in the movie. There seemed to be no good reason to send him back in time blind.

Green Lantern: Was anyone expecting a lot from this movie? In terms of superheroes, Green Lantern is pretty low on my list. He wears a magic ring, powered by will. And in this movie, he’s fighting fear. It’s like they just got lazy creating characters /plot to represent this theme and just go with a more literal interpretation. But beyond that – Ryan Reynolds was fun, Blake Lively looks better as a brunette, and the movie moved along at a good pace.

Drive: So disappointed. It seemed like the Internet exploded about this movie; everyone was seeing it, everyone was loving it. And I didn’t. Maybe it’s because I can’t get over Ryan Gosling from Lars and The Real Girl, so when he might have been the strong, quiet type in this movie, it felt like the really socially awkward quiet. Maybe it’s because the pacing was pretty slow. Maybe it’s because you know next to nothing about any of the characters and therefore, I really didn’t care who was gonna get hurt. On the positive side though, it was visually interesting and had a good soundtrack.


The Face is Familiar – A Starz original (I like ’em because they’re pretty short and interesting). This one was about character actors – aka the actors you recognize in movie after movie and are like “oh it’s THAT guy”. It includes Jane Lynch, Stephen Tobolowsky, Luiz Gusman, etc. I thought it was a pretty amusing movie.

Tangled – This movie was cute. I was slightly disappointed because, given bits I’d seen, I thought Rapunzel was going to be this awesome character who can fight with her hair. That’s not really true and really wouldn’t have fit with whole story anyway (since she is trapped in a tower her whole life). But it was still a fun movie.

And the ones that I have nothing to say: Babies (not good unless you really like babies), The President’s Photographer (good, short), The Perfect Score (oh, teen movies), The Ramen Girl, and Bill Cunningham New York.


One comment

  1. I thought you would have liked Source Code too. That’s too bad. Maybe it’s just my love of Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga.

    Haven’t seen Drive yet, but that sounds like what I’ve heard that movie is like. I’m super pumped to finally see it, but I might not be able to catch it in theaters if I don’t go really soon.

    Green Lantern is a stupid superhero idea. Surprisingly ancient, though. Like he first appeared in 1940.

    I really liked Tangled. It was pretty hilarious in a similar way to The Emperor’s New Groove, another sneakily awesome Disney movie.

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