October 30, 2011

Halloween always feels like it takes a lot more planning than any other holiday. You need to find a costume – one that’s original or funny or awesome. And take into account the weather or parties. Then you need to find somewhere to actually show off your original/funny/awesome costume – whether it be hosting your own party or venturing out.

Last year, I was working 12 hour days in Alabama during Halloween. That meant no parties and no costumes.

This year, it was more of a divide and conquer effort. The boyfriend made our plans and I came up with our costume idea. It was my first year to do a couple’s costume in forever…or really ever. We ended up going as sushi and soy sauce. Asians dressed as Asian food! It turned out to be a perfect costume really. Not too hard to maneuver in crowded parties and extremely versatile for all kinds of weather (though in San Francisco, I’m not sure how necessary it was to prepare for that – though I bet New York wasn’t expecting inches of snow either!).

And while I usually don’t post pictures into this blog, here they are (of course taken off my phone).



  1. Super cute!! Halloween is totally worth the extra effort.

  2. Super creative. Love the costume idea.

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