book bumming.

December 24, 2011

I’m switching my book links to Goodreads because I have come to love that site. It’s absolutely perfect for keeping a list of books I want to read because the phone app allows me to scan barcodes. So I can walk through a bookstore and just scan all the books that look interesting. It’s pretty great.

Atonement – While I don’t remember being thrilled watching this movie, I did enjoy the book. I think this is because so much of the story focuses on the main character’s interpretation of events that she doesn’t understand – that’s easier done in writing than in a movie.

Accidental Billionaires – The story of Facebook’s founding and the basis of The Social Network movie. Essentially, this book is just like the movie. Except it gives off a really weird overly masculine and sexual vibe. The books gives the impression that all characters are interested in getting girls – and it keeps using somewhat sexual descriptions when it’s totally unnecessary (example: describing the rowing boat as “phallic” – really??). Also, it made Mark Zuckerberg seem more lucky than strategic when it came to making Facebook successful.

Super Sad True Love Story – I was hoping this would be good, but it was not. Taking place in a weird dystopian future time (which is actually the most interesting part of the story) – where America’s indebted to China and people are addicted to tiny personal computers that rank them on everything – it’s a really depressing love story. An older man in love with a younger, completely detached woman. But it’s depressing because they’re in love in a “desperate to need someone” way. The characters weren’t likable enough that I could really feel bad for them when things don’t work out. Also, it’s partial told in email messages, which was similar to trying to read a story told through text – whiny and full of slang.

The Psychopath Test – Psychopaths are intriguing, so any book about them, about what distinguishes them – it’s gotta be at least a little interesting. This book wasn’t exactly anything new if you’ve ever read anything about psychopath before, but it was a quick fun read.


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