January 7, 2012

Can you believe I’ve been in San Francisco for over 6 months now? I can’t. Still seems like just the other month that I moved out here. Makes me wonder how long it will be before it starts feeling like it’s home. Or rather, since Wisconsin will always be home, when it will feel like I’m part of California.

Maybe it’s time to write a little bit more about the last half year.

Everyone knows I quit my job when I moved. I spent about 4 months being unemployed. During which, no, I did not put in much effort to find a job. Since my current non-compete is a small obstacle in me jumping back into work, I figured I could use this year for some serious non-work activities. Yes, I talk to all the recruiters who contact me – but since they’re all interested in my Epic background, the conversations are still pretty short.

Movies and books and cooking were exactly what I did. It was a good way to start out in a new place. My schedule could easily match the boyfriend’s – waking up around 9a or 10a and sleeping at 1a or 2a. I went to the farmer’s market twice a week – big increase in the amount of fruits and veggies I was eating. I went to the park to read almost every day – a small attempt to get some bit a tan in the summer. I improvised new ways to be somewhat active since I no longer go to a gym (hello WiiFit, Dance Central and a small stint of running). Combined with eating healthier, I actually lost a little weight. I experimented with embroidering greeting cards (as seen by anyone who got one this year). This is going to turn into a full-blown hobby now that I’m back from the holidays.

After 4 months, I didn’t get antsy so much as I disliked not having a paycheck. So I got a temporary job. It was supposed to be an executive assistant position, but I ended up mostly being a regular administrative assistant. It was with a small civil engineering firm. I worked for two months and decided it wasn’t for me. Since the position was a temp-to-hire, I decided to quit at the end of December rather than have them think I would seriously consider the position long-term. They decided offer me part-time work for the next couple months, if I was interested. I accepted, since working three days a week is perfect for making a little bit of extra money without monopolizing my time.

Here’s to the next 6 months!


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