holiday reading.

January 10, 2012

The Strain – Sure it’s about vampires. But it takes on a whole new approach. Rather than “this is how it is” science, del Toro makes it a disease, an infection. The main character is a doctor who works for the CDC and he teams up with an ex-professor of folklore. A the first book of a series, this one is mainly just about the beginning of the end – when the “virus” is first infecting humans. I brought the next two books in the series back to California – hopefully it stays interesting.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – A fun read. A boy goes in search of more information about his recently deceased grandfather. The boy learns that the crazy stories his grandfather told about “peculiar” children were true and of course adventure ensues. My major disappointment was the end. It came shockingly fast and without resolution – almost in the middle of the biggest piece of action. As far as I can tell, this isn’t the first of a series, but it definitely felt like it set up for another book.

The Dark Fields – This is the book that the movie Limitless was based on. If you saw that movie, the book is very similar. Not much science. Mostly flat characters. Plot moves along fast. The only difference is the ending is a bit more depressing.

90 day Geisha: My Time as a Tokyo Hostess – I should have known, but this was an awful book. I was expecting funny stories and adventures. Similar to any of those ‘look at this crazy experiment I’m trying” books. But the stories are boring and shallow. I couldn’t get a feel for anything – the people, the place, how she felt about it, what she did.


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  1. That’s too bad about the hostess book because I find hostess culture to be bizarre and interesting and I don’t quite get it.

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