January 20, 2012

Once when I was traveling, my customer pointed out my co-workers and I start every sentence with “So…”. She assumed it was a Midwest habit. And honestly, I never even realized until she called attention to it. Then I promptly continued to use “so” all the time because it’s really hard to break a linguistic habit (think “like”, “um”, “you know”).

So, I read this article yesterday….

So, what are you up to?

So, should I come by later?

So, I need to start heading out…

Funny thing, ever since then, every once in a while, it becomes really obvious that I have this habit. While I rarely recognize it in conversation, the habit is so bad that I type it when chatting through text. Terrible, right? I think it’s only obvious because why would anyone add extra, totally unnecessary words when typing out their conversation?

Of course, I use “so” in the completely normal “consequently” manner as well. But much more often, it ends up being my way of changing the subject, or starting a conversation, or really any time there’s a break in the flow.

With all the parodies of Sh*t Girls Say, I want to make a Sh*t Midwesterners Say and have it just be “so” (with maybe a “tyme machine” and “bubbler” thrown in).



  1. Eric uses it a lot when he writes as does my girlfriend. So much so that I am very conscious of how much I say/write it. Neither are from the Midwest, but that’s not to say that it’s a Midwest thing too.

    • Nice to know. The only people who I know it’s been pointed out to are Midwesterners, so I assumed. But I am not aware enough about it to notice it in other people.

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