February 29, 2012

Surprise! This is not about my cooking. I religiously read a blog called Ask A Manager. Being young and having had relatively hands-off bosses, I like hearing stories about what else the work world might have in store for me and how to deal with it. It also gives some great advice on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.

Anyway, there were two interesting posts the last couple days – about cupcakes. The first deals with a woman who baked cupcakes for her co-workers and now one seems to be taking her friendliness as something more. The second, spurred by the first, deals with whether or not women should avoid baking in the workplace.

For the first post, my gut reaction was that this is the standard “girl doesn’t realize she’s being too friendly” situation. Mixed signals happen all the time in life right? But reading through the comments, people were quick to label the guy a creep. And I started thinking – it kinda sounds like he’s just being friendly. Maybe too much joking too fast, but ultimately saying things that I would if I was bored and wanted to have a conversation. But the author of the blog focuses on the fact that the guy is in a position of authority and that in that position, he should be more careful with his friendliness. Even trickier.

The second post I found really interesting because I’d never think that bringing in cupcakes would create a hurtful impression. But I’m also not really the kind of person who bakes without a lot of reason, so cookies and cupcakes rarely happen for work. I also worked in a company where everyone is in their 20’s, and female stereotyping wasn’t rampant. In my opinion, a lot of the impression is going to be based off the culture of the company. But I believe, it also significantly has to do with how the treat is presented. Leaving a plate in the break room and sending a short email is totally different that going around giving them out. If you don’t make a big deal over it, I don’t think other people will either.


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