March 2, 2012

I’ve got this problem. I really want to love Pinterest. It’s got pretty pictures – with a lot of focus on fashion, beauty, food, design and cute animals. It’s user-curated. Everyone else really loves it.

But I just don’t. In fact, the few times that I’ve logged in and tried “pinning”, I actually feel stupider. It’s bad.

I’ve racked my brain as to why it has this effect on me. And then I realized – it’s because I don’t really care about pictures. If that’s the only content you can give me, it’s just not enough. I want to see recipes and DIYs and where to buy that dress. And I don’t want to click three times to get there. Pinterest is like a fantasy Facebook – where I get a glimpse into the lives that acquaintances (aka almost strangers) wish they could have. It’s so impersonal. The pins I see could come from anyone – and let’s be honest, every girl’s “fashion” board looks the same. It’s hard to be YOU when all you get is a comment.

Or maybe it’s because I have Tumblr. And it combines the best of pictures and articles. And things people are actually cooking/crafting/doing. Not just their “maybe in the future, most likely never, I just don’t want to admit it” lists. It feels more real.

ps. I’m not planning a wedding and I do not care to see every single piece of inspiration you find for yours.


One comment

  1. When I saw “Everyone else really loves it.”, it reminds me of Los Angeles – sun shine, beaches, and young women in dresses smaller than their sun glasses, and of course, cute dogs, and (almost) everyone says they love it, as if it would be some kind of heresy to say otherwise. Honestly, I disliked that place. I never enjoyed being there or passing through the city. And I still could not find a reason to like it this time I was there.

    Same attitude goes to pinterest, even though this is the first time I heard it. And from how you described it, I have no interest in investigate more into it. 🙂

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