March 5, 2012

It’s been about 8 months since I’ve been in a gym. After the holidays, my sister pointed me to a home workout website called BodyRock. Side note: the site shows a lot of skin which makes me laugh, but makes it weird to check out at work. Anyway, the whole point of the website is that you can stay in shape or lose weight or get stronger without fancy gyms and trainers.

They follow a high intensity interval training philosophy. That means you do a burst of exercise followed by a short rest period and repeat for X minutes. Almost all the BodyRock workouts are a 50 sec work/10 sec rest for 12 minutes. It’s a whole lot of push-ups and jumping around. But it means your workout is only 12 minutes!

But the best thing is that while they use equipment and are crazy fit, they always give modifications for beginners and suggestions on what to do if you don’t have equipment. I do all these workouts in my living room. I downloaded a simple interval timer onto my phone and filled a small duffel bag with water bottles to use as my weight. Between the time it takes and the fact that I can do it in my house, there’s pretty much no excuse I can make for not doing one every day.

The only tough part is continuing to push myself to almost 100% for a whole 12 minutes. Sometimes I need to take breaks.

I highly recommend if you’re looking for a quick workout to try these out.


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