March 14, 2012

One thing about living in the city is that major grocery shopping is much harder to do. Without a car, I can only carry so much. It’s very limiting. Especially when I’m not the type of person to buy ingredients the day of. Instead I like having a stock on items and then choosing what to make from what I have.

So I’ve obsessively read these pantry essentials articles from The Kitchn. And it got me thinking about my own pantry essentials. I’m going to ignore total basics – oil, salt, pepper, and the like.

  • Rice/Pasta – for one person, pasta is so much easier. But when I make rice, I always make a lot so I can have extra to make fried rice or porridge later in the week. Also, I’m pretty sure ramen falls into this category and I always have that.
  • Eggs – the easiest protein and good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Frozen or Canned veggies – frozen peas, carrots, corn and canned tomatoes to be exact. Helpful in situations where I run out of the fresh kind. Frozen veggies are perfect for fried rice and canned tomatoes are easy for making sauce for pasta.
  • Onions – because they rarely go bad and they can go into everything.
  • Peanut butter or Tuna – the was going to be cheese, but my cheese consumption has gone down significantly. Peanut butter and tuna somehow make their way into my diet way more often than you’d expect. Easy protein and pretty versatile.

There you go. Of course I usually have soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and chicken broth. But they’re non-essential – aka, they won’t be a meal on their own.

What do you keep in your kitchen?


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