murder, madness, and magic.

March 16, 2012

Finished a few books recently.

Devil in the White City – This book is a historical fiction about the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893. It focuses on 2 unrelated characters – the architect behind the building of the fair and a serial killer in Chicago at the time. Not really knowing anything about the Worlds Fair, I thought the book was extremely interesting. So much happened at the fair! The beginning is significantly more dramatized than the second half, but definitely worth a read.

Julie and Julia – I disliked this book, but only after I was finished reading it. My biggest problem is that this cooking project that Julie Powell takes on ends so meaninglessly. I thought the point of the challenge was to gain some meaning in her life, or help her figure out what she wants to do, or something. But in the end, not counting she got a book deal, she’s back exactly where she began – in a crappy temp job, in a crappy apartment, without any plans to do anything different and now she’s fatter. This, compounded by the fact that she whined/complained/freaked out in every single chapter and talked less about the food than everything else in her life – the book was too self-absorbed for me to really like. I pretty much just think she was crazy.

The Magicians – Young adult fiction about (what else) a boy who goes to school to become a magician and then has an adventure. Of course, it feels like Harry Potter – except more apathetic and dirty and college-like. The book breezes by school in the first half, and our magician characters tumble into the real world to be “starving artist” types in NYC. The second half then is the adventure – where the characters venture into a world much like Narnia. Again, it’s typical fantasy adventure – except more dirty and confusing and “real”. I’m working on getting the second book, so we’ll see how that goes.


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