video sharing.

March 21, 2012

Seems like Netflix wants to jump on the boat and start sharing what you’re watching with all your Facebook friends. Funny, since it seems like the large majority of their users don’t really care what their friends are watching. Plus they have a pesky little law in place that prevents it. But like anything Facebook does – people are up in arms about privacy.

I’m pretty careful about what gets posted to Facebook – meaning nothing if I can help it. I never connect or sign up for anything using my Facebook account because I’m paranoid like that. But I’ve seen the News Feed updates from people listening to X band on Spotify or reading Y article through some sort of app or pinning Z picture to their Pinterest board or, oh my god, that ticker in the corner that tells you EVERYTHING. And if you share this information, is what you’re watching on Netflix that much different?

Maybe if you watch a lot of porn. Though I see this as about the same as knowing you read “Mother rapes own daughter for sex education” or “Miley Cyrus debuts belly-baring dress” on Yahoo – and Facebook definitely told me which of my friends read those articles.

Let’s face it, the easier that sharing is, the more people are going to share. I’m convinced this is why people love Pinterest. And, truth be told, if I saw all my friends watching a show – I’d probably want to at least check it out. Evidence: Breaking Bad (which I still haven’t fully accepted as a show I want to watch but everyone says it is). And wouldn’t it be great if you knew a group of people who watched the same show as you – even the embarrassing ones? Law & Order: SVU? Anybody?

What do you think about automatic sharing? Specifically about video watching: good or bad? Enough to change the law?


One comment

  1. Hmmm… I have two thoughts: 1. Maybe it will get to a point when people can find themselves spending more time “sharing video” than actually watching them; 2. Maybe one day facebook will launch its own webcam branded for video sharing which will become its biggest flop which will lead to the event later known as “the facebook bubble”.

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