March 28, 2012

I’m on a roll with my reading. In fact, I’ve actually hit the limit on how many Kindle books I can check out and I still have holds coming in that I just have to let slip by. Unfortunately nothing’s really stand out amazing.

A Visit from the Goon Squad – This is one of those books that, all of a sudden, you see everywhere and yet, I had no idea what it was about. It is about a music exec and his assistant – following their lives in non-chronological, multi-point of view snippets. It made it somewhat hard to really know the characters. It’s one of those “life doesn’t turn out how you expect” stories and felt a lot like The Imperfectionists, so it had a “I’ve read this before” feel.

One Day – This book takes a guy and girl who meet on college graduation and follows them, on that same day every year, for 18 years. It’s a love story, but it’s a slow one – they do their own thing, they grow apart and stop being friends, they get together, etc. It’s interesting because when you only look at one day a year, so much happens and you just see effects of it rather than the events themselves.

Refugee (Bio of a Space Tyrant Vol 1) – Suggested by my sister and it was free on Amazon. This book is obviously the first in a series. It’s written as the memoir of the Tyrant of Jupiter. As this is the first book, it’s about him and his family running away from the oppressive Jupiter moon where they lived. What follows is a pretty horrific story of these refugees traveling to Jupiter. Probably about 50% of this book is raping and killing. Just be prepared.



  1. I really loved Goon Squad (recommended it a few times on this blog) because I thought it was really creative. That chapter that’s all in powerpoint slides? Super cool.

    It’s a little “been there”, yeah, like many of those “hey, we’re old, but we didn’t end up where we thought we’d be” type of books. I still liked the multiple points of view (especially since none of them sounded similar).

    Wasn’t One Day just turned into an Anne Hathaway movie? It didn’t look that interesting to me, but the thought of having to watch her affect a British accent for two hours made me stay far away.

  2. […] of a Space Tyrant #2 & #3: Better than the first one. Book 2 focuses on the space tyrant as he moves up the ranks in the Jupiter Navy, building the best […]

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