June 1, 2012

In the last month, I’ve made a few trips: San Diego, New York, Philadelphia. It’s definitely weird to travel so much after a year of not going anywhere. But I guess I better start getting used to it. Here are my observations from my trips.

  • A surprising number of people use airplane bathrooms without shoes. This is gross to me. Though airplane bathrooms do constantly surprise me with how not gross they are.
  • AirTran charges you to select your seats before your flight. Really?
  • Non-stop flights from San Francisco to the East Coast are so long. I almost prefer having a layover than a straight six hour flight. Also, the time difference kills me – a whole 8-9 hours gone just to get there.
  • Traveling without a suitcase is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I think I’m the only person who actually likes to check bags.
  • San Francisco Terminal 2 looks so much cooler than Terminal 1. Is this because Virgin flies out of that terminal? Or something else?
  • Flew my first flight on Virgin. They have more male flight attendants than other airlines – at least that’s what it seemed. And they have a fancy computerized ordering system for snacks/drinks. This is not a more pleasant experience – at least not in coach.
  • Don’t buy nail polish in airports. Even in an emergency. It’s a total ripoff. Just wait til you get to your destination and then go to Walgreens.

One comment

  1. Barefoot bathroom usage in any public bathroom is about as foul as it gets.

    I liked checking bags before they started charging to check bags. Now I find the wait at the belt unbearable.

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