June 7, 2012

It’s been a while and while my current reading has been going along somewhat slowly, I did go through a couple weeks where I read like crazy. My biggest problem is that I hate not finishing a book. Even if I hate it and it’s boring, I just can’t stop reading it. It means I read several books at once and the ones I don’t like are pretty slow.

I Want My MTV: Not so much a story as it’s an anthology of quotes. The chapters break down important events in MTV’s lifespan and is then told through the quotes of people involved. It ended up a little long, but it started out really interesting. When MTV started, music videos weren’t even a thing and the people involved really had no idea what they were doing. It’s completely different from how it is now. And I realized I’m too young to have been impacted by the rise of MTV (that and I never had cable). But it’s weird because most of the time I feel so old – but definitely, I am not this old.

Snow Crash: Ah, classic cyberpunk. Can you believe I haven’t read this book yet? I really liked it. Even though, it does just have a whole chapter that explains exactly what’s going on to you. But that’s ok, because otherwise, it would be Neuromancer all over again and I wouldn’t have a clue what actually happened.

The Night Circus: This is THE book to read. It made a lot of best seller lists last year; I think it’s already got film rights sold. It’s really great. It’s about two magicians who are locked in a battle of skill against each other. Their battleground is a traveling circus. Then, of course, they fall in love. The love part isn’t terribly exciting, but the battle is. Don’t expect your typical magic spells and bursts of energy fighting. It’s all about what crazy things they can create with their magic to make the circus amazing.

The Manual of Detection: This was a very interesting book. It seems like classic non-spy turned spy and needs to solve a mystery. Complete with classic arch nemesis, creepy henchmen, a girl whose both good and bad, and a lot of sneaking around. I liked it, but I don’t really know how much I liked it.

Bio of a Space Tyrant #2 & #3: Better than the first one. Book 2 focuses on the space tyrant as he moves up the ranks in the Jupiter Navy, building the best team and eventually working to exterminate a significant number of pirates. Book 3 focuses on his political rise in Jupiter – essentially how he goes from ex-military to tyrant. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of references to the first book, so I guess you have to read that first.

There were a whole bunch of books that don’t warrant much of a review and you can find them on Goodreads.



  1. Glad you enjoyed Snow Crash. It’s a favorite of mine. If you liked that style of writing I’d recommend Cryptonomicon or The Diamond Age (more opaque of the two).

    In The Night Circus is it real magic or more like The Prestige? It sounds an awful lot like The Prestige plus a love story.

    • the night circus is real magic. it’s not at all like the prestige. and the world created is something you really sink into. it’s pretty amazing.

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