July 9, 2012

I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting prepared for my new job. That means, in addition to drug screens, immunizations, booking travel, and setting up email, I’ve had to do a whole bunch of paperwork. I know, expected. There’s the government forms, insurance forms, direct deposit, 401k, and various agreements where you sign your life away. Yes, I will adhere to your dress code and not wear earrings that dangle more than 1/2 inch or nose rings that are bigger than 1/8 inch.

Now, paperwork isn’t terrible in most cases. But in this case, I’m working remotely. And that means the old sign-and-date that should take two seconds really takes a whole lot more. Why has this not become an easy process yet? I’m pretty sure it hasn’t changed in the last decade. You have to print the document, sign it, and either scan it back into your computer or – god forbid – fax it. That just doesn’t work for today’s digital generation. Few enough people own printers – and even less than that have scanners. And who wants to walk all the way to a library to try to do this kind of stuff?

In the end, I resorted to the “take a picture of your signature and put it into the PDF” version of e-signing. It was not that much easier. Multiple pictures of my signature to get a good one and a lot of playing around in Adobe trying to figure out how to edit a PDF (because who has Adobe Professional?). At least I’m done with all that now.

Plus work sent me a scanner 🙂


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