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September 24, 2012

I spend a lot of time in the Seattle area for work.

One of the weirdest areas I’ve noticed a change is in how I throw out trash, or rather how I feel about throwing things in the trash. Who even thinks about that, right? See, San Francisco passed a law a few years back that called for mandatory separation of recyclables and compostables. And the prevalence of bins for compost and recycling makes it so you hardly have to think about it. Sometimes it’s even easier to find those than regular trash cans. On top of that, glass, paper and plastics can all go into the same bin. Even better – by plastic they mean any of the numbers – no more checking the bottom of your plastic containers or taking off the caps on bottles.  Most bins even have handy pictures on them to indicate what can and cannot go in them. My apartment came with a handy little compost bin that I can keep by the sink. And the city picks up compost like they do trash and recycling.

It’s pretty amazing to me how much garbage can be diverted from landfills and such.

But here in Seattle, I’m just not sure what to do. My office building only gives us individual trash cans, and a bin for recycling paper (which I really think is more for documents that need to be shredded). What am I suppose to do with my plastic bottles? What am I suppose to do with the compostable lunch take-out containers? I just feel bad that I’m putting them in the trash! Talk about habit changing.


breaking bad.

September 10, 2012

One of the reasons I love Netflix Instant is so that I can watch TV shows straight through. I can’t even remember the last TV show that I actually watched on TV, waiting from week to week for each episode. And a whole year of not working meant I actually sat down and watched a lot of TV. Which is probably a topic for another post.

But anyway, the boyfriend and I are currently powering through Breaking Bad. I just can’t handle reading the hype every time the season premier or finale comes around – or rather avoiding the hype because I may watch the show eventually. So we’re finally doing it. Or rather, we’re trying for the THIRD time to get through it. Part-way through season 3 and it’s just gotten to the point where I think I want to watch it when I’m not doing anything else.

Because, let’s be honest, season 1 was slow as molasses up until the last two episodes and season 2 would be unmemorable if I hadn’t just watched it in the last couple weeks. And now that I’ve invested so much time, it’s at the point where I should just stick it out.

Chuck Klosterman wrote a great piece on why Breaking Bad is great. He says:

The central question on Breaking Bad is this: What makes a man “bad” — his actions, his motives, or his conscious decision to be a bad person? Judging from the trajectory of its first three seasons, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan believes the answer is option No. 3. So what we see in Breaking Bad is a person who started as one type of human and decides to become something different. And because this is television — because we were introduced to this man in a way that made him impossible to dislike, and because we experience TV through whichever character we understand the most — the audience is placed in the curious position of continuing to root for an individual who’s no longer good.

While I love that the show is about Walt’s transformation into a bad person, I cannot get behind the fact that he’s a likeable guy. Because I think he’s not. I think Walt’s arrogant, stubborn, resentful, unappreciative, with bottled up emotions. What exactly makes him likeable? I find myself siding with all the other characters – his wife, his son, his drug dealing partner – but I never seem to be on Walt’s side. And it’s hard to love a show where you aren’t all that invested in what happens to the main character.