October 5, 2012

It was time to get a new phone. It’s been almost 2.5 years. A discount from Sprint combined with reaching the 400MB memory limit of my HTC Evo Shift – upgrading was in order. I really loved my Evo Shift – great size, slide keyboard, nothing too fancy. And now the market only has these huge phones, with no keyboard, and cool stuff I don’t even know about. For someone who types and looks up directions on my phone, the iPhone 5 not terribly exciting. Unless Apple maps counts as a reason to switch?

So Samsung Galaxy S3 it was. Because if all phones are going to cost me $100+, I might as well get the best version so I don’t run into basic issues with battery and memory. It’s taken me a good chunk of the 5 days + major Googling of questions to get it set up working how I want. Here’s my current list of gripes:

  1. The screen turns on when I get a text message – this is in addition to notification in the status bar and the sound I have it play. It also turns on in the middle of the night and I’m not sure why.
  2. The snooze on the alarm doesn’t work. This doesn’t seem to be a consistent problem, but it doesn’t work for me. This was quite annoying for work this week.
  3. I can’t set it to only give me email notifications if it’s an “Important” email…unless I also set my default Inbox to my Priority Inbox.
  4. I turn on sound notification for chat messages, so I can chat with people at work. But I don’t want it to continue to beep with every message if I’m actively in the app. So much beeping. Also, LED notification is too bright at night.
  5. WiFi notification randomly turns on throughout the day, even if I think I’ve turned it off. Why?
  6. Who wants ringtones with animal and nature noises?

It’s a bit funny that notifications seem like a tiny little aspect of the phone – something not even worth mentioning. But in terms of actual use – being able to control sound, lights and status bar notifications is huge. I feel like either I’m getting overloaded with notifications or I’m not being notified for the important things. I guess this just happens when you switch phones.


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