November 2, 2012

This is really just a rant because I had a bad day on Wednesday.

I attempted to set up my work email on my phone. I guess security of email for the organization I work with is really important because in order to set up the email, I had to encrypt my phone. I don’t even know what this means, except I gathered that I had to change to a more secure unlock method (password or pin) and a password to get into this email. Plus, my phone had to be at at least 80% battery in order to spend at least an hour encrypting. OK, at that point, I’m giving up. I’ll just deal with no email on the phone. Work life balance, right?

Except, now that I’ve started this process, I’m no longer allowed to switch my unlock method back to pattern swipe. Yep. Apparently it’s possible to get locked out of certain functions on your own phone. So logically, I delete the email account. Delete the device administrator account. Restart the phone. Nothing. I’m stuck unlocking my phone with a pin instead of a swipe pattern. And after many google searches online, it seems to the only way to fix this is a factory reset. What?! That’s pretty much the WORST THING EVER. Lesson learned: never encrypt your phone.

I reset the phone. First step is logging into my Google account because everything on Android seems to be tied to that. Except my free apps which I have to download and set up again. Ok, problem. I set up Google 2 step verification a few weeks ago. Let me tell you – HUGE pain. And in this case, I can’t log into my phone until I verify the device. Which means Google needs to text me the code or voicemail it to me. Which I can’t access because I can’t log into my phone. And I have no second backup phone because who has two phones? And why when I click the link for “I don’t have access to my phone” do you just tell me that I should have set up a backup (well, duh) or possibly Google emailed me one time use codes (that away from my personal computer, I also could not login to see). Worst experience ever.

Here’s my big gripe. I turned on 2 step verification because it’s suppose to be more secure. Awesome, I’m all for that. I don’t want to have a “I got hacked” story. Except it didn’t occur to me that this really just means you have to enter TWO passwords any time you log into a new computer/device. And one of those passwords, you have to look up every single time on your phone. And that this in general really really sucks because phones are now too big for me to comfortably keep in my pocket ALL THE TIME. I also don’t always have pockets. So much frustration in one night.


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