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February 4, 2013

I’ve pretty much completely settled into a routine at work. It’s a weird thing – to travel every week. And my routine is really really boring. Pretty much work for 10-11 hours, work out for an hour, get food and eat, read, sleep. But this helps me accomplish a few things.

1) Eat Right – I just can’t eat out all the time and feel good. This is especially difficult now because I have to eat out during the week, but then I want to try new restaurants in San Francisco too. So my routine mostly involves going to the grocery store to grab healthy snacks and frozen meals. It’s much better portion control than restaurant servings and I get to experiment with different eating habits. I’ve been trying high protein breakfasts and the “eat 5-6 small meals a day” routine and drink almost 2L of water a day. My next attempt is to try to cut down on carbs.

2) Stay Fit – Gyms in San Francisco are too expensive for me to join and then be gone every week. So I’m stuck with a routine of hotel fitness center exercising and yoga on Fridays. Ultimately this means I’m working on the running thing again. I still don’t think it’s very fun exercising but it gets the job done. It’d probably be better too if I could run outside rather than on a treadmill – but Seattle rain just makes that impossible.

3) Sleep enough – My sleep always get disturbed from sleeping in hotels. It usually takes at least one night to adjust, and even now I struggle with waking up a lot in the middle of the night. Plus I’m paranoid about oversleeping for some weird reason. So I go to bed pretty early and then wake up pretty early too.

It’s easy to see how I don’t really do much else during my work week. But it ends up making the hotel seem more like home, and then I don’t feel completely wiped out during the weekend.