whole foods.

June 16, 2013

In Denver, I shop at Whole Foods a lot. It’s close to my hotel. They have great prepared food that I can grab for mostly healthy dinners or lunches. But there’s just something about the store that makes me shake my head.

There’s a lot of things about Whole Foods that I like. Specifically their prepared food. Love it. Especially while traveling, it gives me the ability to grab mostly healthy dinners. Everyone’s really friendly and helpful. And the store is really clean.

It just feels like it’s trying so hard. It’s like everything you grab is organic or fair-trade or eco-friendly or gluten free or extra nutritious (if that was a buzz word). Not that I’m against any of those things – though I’m not so into organic that I’ll pay $6 for raspberries when I can get them for half that much down the block. I just don’t need my paper bag telling me that I’m doing good because this bag is just a little bit shorter and therefore saving the environment. Are you kidding me?

Perhaps it’s an effect of living in San Francisco. Where so much of the food is local or organic or both. Where the stores won’t even give me a bag. Where I can compost everything. But all this “good behavior” is just expected and not plastered all over Or maybe it is and I just don’t notice because it all blends together?

Being at Whole Foods feels like hanging out with a really vocal health buff. Being in San Francisco is like having major athlete friends who work out and eat right and you’re not about to be the one who eat cheeseburgers on the couch.



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  1. I went to a Whole Foods for dinner one of the nights I was in SF. It was so expensive! I bought one of those box of premade food, a bottle of tea, and a couple croissants for the next morning. I think it came out to like $25-30.

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