June 28, 2013

The Atlantic wrote a piece on calling guys “creeps”. I didn’t even know people had issues with this. I don’t even see how you can have a problem with this. Google the definition of creepy. It means causing fear or unease. So it seems a completely appropriate word to use to describe a person (or thing or place) who makes you uncomfortable. Guys who continue unwanted advances, bugs, certain neighborhoods, horror movies – the list goes on. In fact, creepy is much more appropriate that any other word I would also use – including shady or sketchy. And more appropriate that most words that guys use to describe women they dislike, which also have very specific definitions.

And all this whining about “it’s so subjective” or “the guy is just unattractive”. Guess what – there’s a word for just unattractive – it’s called ugly. So you have to do something else to earn the additional designation of creepy. If that’s continuing to hit on an uninterested girl – well, you really need to pick on social cues. And 100% it’s subjective. Different things make different people uneasy. I’m uneasy getting into a random stranger’s car – and yet San Francisco has several business built around this exact model and people love it. I’ve met people who I think are creepy because they’re too nice. Sometimes that means they have a secret agenda. Other times, they really are just super nice. These complaints just sound like whining from guys that can’t get a date.

My advice to guys who are called creeps and they think that it’s not true – ask your female friends. I’m sure they can give you a list of things that would potentially make you creepy. Probably starting with any facial hair.


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