August 2, 2013

Usually while I’m traveling, the only exercise I end up doing is running. My hotel currently has a very nice fitness center with a bunch of weight machines, which is a nice way for me to build up strength. But running still was my core cardio. So it was time that I did some searching for yoga studio.

But instead, I found pole dancing. My exact thought process was 1) it seemed like it would be challenging, fun, and provide a good workout, 2) like gymnastics, I really just want to learn some cool tricks, and 3) they offered an intro class for $6! Pretty much anything is worth doing once for that amount of money. Other factors: I know no one in Denver, so I don’t have to be embarrassed at all. The studio had 4 total reviews on Yelp, all positive. The website made it seem like everyone’s comfort was very important (no males, discreet entrance, etc).

I’ve been going to one class a week for the last two months. And it is awesome. It didn’t start out as a very good workout, but as I’ve started learning harder pieces – I definitely work up a sweat now. And I’ve had weeks of bruises to show for it. The classes are totally fun. Everyone is super supportive and encouraging and the teacher is really great. It definitely involves letting some inhibitions go, but that’s good for everyone to do at some point.

The strange thing though – is while I want to tell everyone what I’m doing, I also don’t. The questions I get when I do mention it (to guys) are just so…pointed? expected? sleazy? They all end up along the lines of “Is your teacher a ‘professional’?” “Do the other girls in your class look like strippers?” “Are they?”. Well, to be honest, I really don’t ask my classmates or my teacher those questions. Because why does any of that matter? It’s not like I’m suddenly giving up my healthcare IT career to become an exotic dancer. It’s kinda like any other fitness class – except you have “sexy hands” instead of “workout arms”. So it’s a bit sad to me that I can’t just tell everyone I climbed up the pole for the first time or I went upside down for the first time. But then again, here I am telling everyone in a sense. I’m just not one to keep secrets.

Side note for anyone in Denver: The studio I go to is Studio 3SixT. You should go.



  1. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone those questions if they took pole dancing. Kind of weird…

  2. Going upside down on a pole definitely takes skill. Awesome!

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