September 25, 2013

I attempted to use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service. One of the nice things about Prime two-day shipping is that I can order normal home stuff when I’m on-site during the week and then my packages arrive by the time I get home. Perfect.

This one time I needed to buy more toilet paper. Usually, I just buy a pretty big pack at the store and it lasts for a while. But Amazon unfortunately only sells in massive packages (I do not need 48 double rolls), that with my already large pack of paper towels – I had no room for. But the small package didn’t have free shipping unless I marked it for subscribe and save. Fine – I guess toilet paper is a pretty regular use item that I’m happy to have just show up at my door.

Fail. It is very hard to judge how fast you use toilet paper. But in fact, I did pretty good. My subscription shipped the week I would be on my last roll. Now – it shipped from West Virginia. That just seems wasteful unless Amazon really doesn’t  have toilet paper on the West Coast anywhere. But also, their estimated delivery date was wrong. And unfortunately, toilet paper is not the kind of commodity that you can just wait an extra day and everything is great. I am disappointed.



  1. Toilet paper seems like something Yi would need during the week as well… Does he just not use the bathroom until you come home for the weekend?

    • Yes, Yi does use the bathroom too. In fact, my timing was mostly me trying to calculate how much toilet paper he uses during the week.

      • Haha, I can only imagine the phone conversation when the package showed up late.

        I looked into the Amazon subscribe stuff a while back for buying stuff I’d use regularly (toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, floss, etc.). But I ended up deciding that it was better if I didn’t have another excuse to never go grocery shopping.

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