January 7, 2014

Instead of doing full year resolutions, I’m going to try smaller 3 month challenges. A friend gave me this idea. The way he put it – 3 months is long enough that by the end you’ll notice some sort of difference but short enough that you can see the end in case you feel trapped. That’s exactly what I need!

See, I’ve always been hesitant to attempt any dieting because I know I’m not committed enough to stick to a new eating plan forever. My habits are very ingrained. Also, I really like food. And I never want to be that person who’s too picky to eat out with. And I don’t want to sit and read ingredient lists forever.

So to kick off the new year – I’m going to try cutting out dairy and white grains. Let me explain.

I personally love dairy. I also believe that most people who think they are lactose intolerant are making things up. Not saying that I don’t recognize lactose intolerance as a thing – it’s real; I get it. But I also recognize that tolerance can be built up. Just because I have one glass of alcohol and feel bad doesn’t mean I’m intolerant of alcohol – it mostly means I’m a lightweight. And likely, if I started having a beer every day, I would start feeling fine after just one drink. I think similarly about dairy; in most cases people just don’t eat dairy all that often. Now that that’s out of the way – I also recognize a lot of people do claim to feel better without dairy. So I’m giving it a go. Also, dairy is the easiest food group to cut out of my diet and to be on the lookout for.

The white grains – this is a compromise because I won’t go full out gluten free or cut out all my grains. But I will accept that really refined grains – white rice, pasta and bread – aren’t the best. Also, grains are a hard area to portion control (and I’m already the worst at that). And it gives me a chance to branch out and try out some new grains (if anyone has suggestions other than quinoa, I’m open!). That’s how I got to this goal.

We’ll see how it goes.


One comment

  1. I like the idea of smaller resolutions. I feel like setting an unending goal is just kind of unrealistic, and makes it harder for you to take it seriously.

    I’m always a little wary about people cutting out dairy though. I feel like there’s just not another good source of calcium. But my grandma has osteoporosis, so I’m kind paranoid I’m going to end up with it too.

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