January Book Review

January 27, 2017

My reading progress for 2017 is moving along pretty well. 5/60

Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Highly recommend. English translation of a very popular Japanese sci-fi from the 80s (now a very popular anime, etc). I felt like it was a good blend of plot and character and politics. As the first of 10 books, this has set up a pretty nice stage for an epic space opera.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – This was a charming book. Less about crazy, more about being your own person.

Never Let Me Go – Disappointing.

The Nightingale – Two sisters in WWII France when the Nazis start to occupy. Both resist in their own way. Not a book I would have picked up if it was not a best seller. On the positive side – almost all best sellers are easy plot-driven reads.

Texts from Jane Eyre – Classics reimagined as text message conversations. Amusing but not amusing enough. The concept gets a bit old after the first few. Also, I have a huge gap in my reading knowledge consisting of all the classics. I never read them in school and I don’t have much interest in them now. So it’s possible most of the jokes were beyond my understanding.


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