Airport Pros/Cons

San Francisco (SFO):
+ Best food. Except no Starbucks, which might count as a plus.
+ Terminal 2 (Virgin) is probably the nicest domestic terminal around
+ Super easy public transit to city.
–  No Starbucks
– Terminal 1 has no food options. But gotta love Three Twins for being there.
– Sometimes United likes to send flights out of the international terminal, it’s a bit of a walk from terminal 3.

Denver (DEN):
+ Best smelling bathrooms. The air freshener smells a little like Christmas and magically not like Christmas mixed with bathroom.
+ Best layout for catching tight connections. It’s just a big straight line; you can’t get lost.
– Worst layout for food. they built their airport like I built my towns in Sim City. All the restaurants are in one section. It sucks.
– They group gates with small flights together (aka four gates, one door). And then board them all at the same time. This is  good because you don’t need four sets of gate agents. This is terrible because no one has any idea who’s boarding.

Seattle (SEA):
+ Bathrooms open to the outside. Ladies, this is SO important – you just don’t know it yet.
+ Car rentals are all in the same, well-lit garage. The rental shuttle is also the same.

Chicago (ORD):
+ So many United flights everywhere.
– No free wi-fi. what?!
– Does anything leave on time?

LaGuardia (LGA):
I have no good things to say about LaGuardia. Except the taxi ride is cheaper to the city than it is from JFK.


Airports I am indifferent to: Milwaukee (MKE), Madison (MSN), Baltimore (BWI)


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