July 31, 2010

I was back in the Deep South this week – Mobile, AL to be exact. As expected, it was full of delicious food and heat. I’ve decided it is one of my favorite places to travel for work. I stay in a beautiful hotel, the Renaissance Riverview. My favorite part – the elevator. The glass back gives you an amazing view of the city and bay. It drops so quickly, you get that feeling in your stomach like when you’re on a ferris wheel. And it’s electronic voice says “we’re delighted to welcome you to deck X” at every floor it stops.

Trip highlights include:

  • Dinner at the River Shack. Right on the water. I had grilled catfish, fried okra, fried pickles, slaw, hush puppies and sweet tea.
  • Trivia and dinner at Hopjack’s. You’d never guess, but this place has good pizza and an amazing selection in beer.
  • Being compared to Sharon (aka Boomer) from Battlestar Galactica again.
  • Working in a room with computer monitors set in the desks under glass. What a blast from the past.
  • Southern friendliness = fun elevator conversations
  • My customer telling me I talk funny when they recognized I have a Wisconsin accent.


  1. Whoa! That’s an awesome hotel! You should take some pictures of the place, especially the riverfront. That convention center is awesome too. I would not have guessed that Mobile Alabama looked like that.

    And how do they bring up that you look like Boomer? Are they like, “Get her! She’s a Cylon!” We should play the board game sometime. You can be Boomer and get automatically brig’d in the second half of the game.

    • Oh! this comment went to my spam and I didn’t notice. Yep – the hotel and convention center are all really nice. That’s why I love going down there.

  2. Better to be Sharon than Boomer, trust me (so nerdy! (so lonely!))

    • It was a comparison in looks only. Funny, since I started watching the show when a friend said I looked like her too.

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